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  • Nepal: legge del 19 maggio 2008

    30 mar 2015 - Adozione Internazionale

    Gazzetta Nepalese Pubblicata dal Governo Nepalese Volume 58, Kathmandu, 19 maggio 2008, N. 6 Parte 3 Notifica del Governo Nepalese Ministero delle Donne, ...»

  • Cambodia Not Ready for Inter - Country Adoptions

    04 nov 2013 - Adozione Internazionale

    It has been one year since Cambodia announced that it was lifting its ban on intercountry adoptions beginning January 1, 2013, but despite praising Cambodia's efforts to implement ...»

  • Nepal-Govt to form body to regulate adoption

    24 ott 2010 - Adozione Internazionale

    KATHMANDU: As an effort to regulate the inter-country child adoption, the government is going to set up an independent body to handle the adoption related issues by amending the existing law ...»

  • Nepal - Germany suspends adoptions from Nepal

    12 feb 2010 - Cooperazione e sviluppo

    Though the German Embassy in Kathmandu circulated the decision among diplomatic missions based in Kathmandu on Wednesday, the embassy is yet to inform the government officially. A ...»

  • Cambogia: approvata la nuova legge

    26 ott 2009 - Adozione Internazionale

    PHNOM PENH, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia's National Assembly on Friday approved a new law for foreign adoptions, setting up criteria for children to be adopted, the eligibility of ...»

  • 29 ago 2007 - Adozione Internazionale

    Who is N.A.A.A. N.A.A.A. (No-profit Network for Aid, Assistance and Acceptance) is an Association which was founded by adopting ...»

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